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IP address is that the address of some home-use broadband router, it’s primarily the default value of a range of D-Link and Netgear model routers. And you’ll be able to modification it using the network router management console at any time. is a personal IPv4 network address. Home-use router will use it to line up the default gateway. during this router, you’ll access its management console through a web browser at If routers or any pc of any brand on the native network get some problem, you’ll use this address or similar personal IPv4 address to unravel it. it’s recommended that any ip address on the network, just one piece of equipment to use, so as to avoid address conflicts.

Why can’t i login to

Do you wish to induce access to your router? If yes, please determine whether or not your computer’s gateway is The step is open CMD and type: ipconfig/all, or use this command: ping -t. If the gateway address is and it still can’t show the login window, maybe it’s as a result of the network port isn’t given or there’s a firewall.

The ping command may be a normally used DOS command and it’s used to find whether or not the network is connected and therefore the network speed is fast or not.

While in wireless router setup method we frequently use the ping command. If your router address is, click ‘Run’ (or use the key combination win + r) and enter CMD then hit OK. Then enter ping, if the result returns timeout, it illustrates the network is disconnected or losing packages, it additionally suggests that your pc can’t hook up with the router.

Here could also be the reasons:

1, The router ip address isn’t, or you’ve mistaken it with 192.168.o.1.
2, The router has been stop working, and unable to be connected.
3, ICMP packet filtering is set up within the router (like firewall settings).
If you’ll receive some bytes, it means that your network is connected, and you’ll be ready to hook up with a wireless router, the step is to enter in your browser to do.

Wireless router has become more and more common, most of the people using laptop computer or mobile phone hopes to attach to the web directly using LAN, it’s additional convenient and saving network traffic. However, several new wireless routers don’t skills to use a wireless router. though there are manual books, however they’re too temporary instructions and actually need to pay a while to get understood of a way to use a wireless router.